Amazon Alexa Gains Calendar Support, Echo Tap Speaker Gets Hands-Free Mode

Posted in Miscellaneous on 15/02/2017 by Chris Hauk


The Verge on Wednesday reported the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant has been updated to offer calendar support. The digital assistant in a speaker has supported Google calendaring since its launch.

Amazon Alexa Gains Calendar Support, Echo Tap Speaker Gets Hands-Free Mode

You can use Alexa to add or review upcoming events in a calendar using commands like “what’s on my calendar?” or “add an event to my calendar.”

You won’t need to update any Alexa-powered devices as Amazon has added the support in the background. You can add calendars from the Alexa app for iOS or Android, or on the web under settings > calendar.

While Amazon’s assistant still doesn’t offer official support for Apple Calendar, there is a basic skill available via Github that allows her to read upcoming events from the native Apple app. (Via MacRumors)

Amazon Tap Speaker Now Offers “No-Tap” Alexa Access

In related news, Amazon has added hands-free access to their popular virtual assistant to the Tap portable speaker. Previously, Tap users were required to press a physical button on the battery powered Bluetooth speaker in order to access the powers of Alexa. The personal assistant can now be summoned on the Tap via voice commands.

Amazon notes the Tap speakers should still give users around eight hours of battery life, although the hands-free listening function on the device can be put to sleep with just a press of its power button. The Tap now also supports Amazon’s “echo spatial perception”, which causes the closest Echo, Tap or Dot device to respond to commands when two or more are close to each other.


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