iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Can Get Pre-Approved for iPhone X Starting October 23

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 23/10/2017 by Chris Hauk


Starting today, Monday, October 23, iPhone Upgrade Program users can get a “head start” on their iPhone X pre-order by getting pre-approved for an iPhone Upgrade Program loan.

iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Can Get Pre-Approved for iPhone X Starting October 23


Apple started notifying customers about the option this morning through its website and via a notice in the Apple Store app.

Customers will need to download the Apple Store app to their current handset, and then select their preferred iPhone X model in order to get the pre-approval for their iPhone X financing. Apple says the pre-approval will allow¬†customers to “speed through checkout on 10/27.”

Once approval has been received, customers can use the Apple Store app to pre-order their iPhone X, completing the whole process a bit faster, as no approval will need to be completed at the time of the pre-order.

The iPhone Upgrade Program allows customers to upgrade to a new iPhone after they have completed at least 12 payments on their current iPhone The program includes AppleCare+ and requires customers to trade-in their current device to get a new handset. If they customer decides to make payments for a full 24 months, they can keep the iPhone

iPhone Upgrade Program customers can use an iPhone Trade-In Kit to return their current device to Apple, eliminating the need for a visit to their local Apple Store to purchase their new iPhone

The possibility of a faster pre-order process will likely prove attractive to iPhone X customers, as stock of the iPhone X is expected to be limited and sell out quickly, remaining in short supply, at least through the end of this year.


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