KGI’s Kuo: Apple to Carry Over iPhone X Plastic Lens Design to 2018 iPhones

Posted in Apple News, iPhone on 02/11/2017 by Chris Hauk


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will likely keep the all-plastic lens stack used in iPhone X for use in its 2018 iPhone product line. 

KGI's Kuo: Apple to Carry Over iPhone X Plastic Lens Design to 2018 iPhones


In a note to investors on Thursday, Kuo said he disagrees with market speculation that Apple plans to integrate a 7P (seven-lens plastic lens array) or a 2G3P (two glass, three plastic lens) hybrid design into iPhone’s rear-facing camera module in 2018.

Currently, iPhone X, the company’s most advanced camera platform, relies on a 6P lens design.

“With its rear camera specs, iPhone X has managed to strike a phenomenal balance between picture quality and form factor design, in our opinion, given how far we’ve come today technologically,” Kuo writes. “Switching from a 6P lens to a 7P lens or a 2G3P hybrid lens, with camera module design largely similar to iPhone X’s, would make for only limited improvements in aperture performance, we believe.”

The unique dual-lens design – which first debuted in the iPhone 7 Plus – uses one wide angle and one “telephoto” module, allowing for Apple’s enhancement of the iPhone’s photo taking capabilities.

The iPhone 8 Plus improve son the original design by using an updated sensor with deeper pixels. The flagship iPhone X includes a wide angle shooter with an an f/2.4 aperture. The design includes optical image stabilization for both the wide angle and telephoto cameras.


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