Review: Nomad Wireless Charging Hub – More Ports, More Power

Review: Nomad Wireless Charging Hub – More Ports, More Power

Wireless charging was never a necessity for me. It never made an iPhone wishlist, and seemed more like a gimmick of Android OEMs than a standout feature. Then the iPhone got wireless charging, and I was hooked. Then began my quest for the best, most functional wireless charger. That’s where the Wireless Hub from Nomad comes in.


The Nomad Wireless Hub ($79.95 from is a high quality wireless charger and USB hub in one. It features a large, rubberized charging surface, 3 USB-A ports, and a USB-C port, allowing it to power 5 devices at once.

The wireless charging surface of the Nomad Wireless Hub offers Apple’s current maximum 7.5W, allowing for a “fast” wireless charge. The USB-C port of the hub can output 3A, while 1 USB-A port offers up 2.1A. The remaining pair of USB-A ports are 1A, ideal for charging an Apple Watch or AirPods.

The things that makes the Nomad Wireless Hub such a great charging station (aside from the Hub aspect) are: its simple aesthetic, cable management, and subtle charging indicators. Unlike some wireless chargers, the Nomad Hub is a solid, short, black cylinder with a subtle trace branding.

The underside of the Hub features the power in and the 4 USB ports. Along the “back” (yes, I know. It’s a cylinder, so there isn’t really a definitive front or back) is a small opening, designed to keep the cables running into the Hub together and out of the way. This helps to keep your nightstand or desk tidy looking, while staying functional.

The charging indicators on the Hub are brilliantly designed, too. When connecting a device or placing a phone the charging surface, one of the five lights will illuminate orange to indicate it is charging. Once charging has completed, that light turns a soft white. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of these indicators, helping to reduce unnecessary light coming from a bedside table.


[rating: 5/5]

After roughly a month of usage and testing multiple other wireless charging pads, the Nomad Wireless Hub is easily the best I’ve come across. Faster wireless charging, paired with multiple USB ports makes the charger both functional and incredibly convenient in this multi-device world we live in. While the price point may seem steep, especially compared to some of the bargain-bin options online, the value of the Nomad Wireless Hub is in its design and features.


  • Simple, sleek design
  • “Fast” 7.5W Wireless Charge
  • Available USB-A and USB-C ports
  • In-built cable management
  • No branding.


  • Pricier than other wireless chargers
  • It doesn’t come in white.

If you’re looking for the right wireless charger to compliment your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, or one of those other devices that can charger wirelessly, look no further than the Nomad Wireless Hub. Order yours for $79.95 at

Disclosure: I was provided the Nomad Wireless Hub, free of charge, to review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own, based on my experience with the product.