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AT&T Plays Catch-Up, Offers Unlimited Data Once More

Looks like AT&T’s playing a rough game of catch-up with Verizon.  The Associated Press recently reported that the giant telecom provider is offering unlimited data packages to certain individuals that opted to give theirs up when they made the switch to the iPhone 4.

One could simply take this at face-value, yet I think that those more experienced in the matter will judge that AT&T is only doing this to minimize the number of users who might consider switching to Verizon in February – or even in June, when the supposed dual-mode iPhone 5 may be released that can connect to either cellular network.  And I’d bet my shirt that AT&T s far, far faster enabling the Wifi Hotspot feature when it becomes available than they were implementing tethering in the first place…

My take?  AT&T is crapping their pants over the matter of no longer being the only game in town for iPhone users.