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Get 50GB of Dropbox Storage For Free – Drop Quest 2011

Interested in competing in an online treasure hunt that rewards you with Dropbox goodies? Cool! Visit the Drop Quest 2011 page on Dropbox.com (you must be logged in to view the page) and follow the instructions to win some free storage and other gifts.

From the Dropbox crew:

If you’ve been on the forums the past few weeks, you’ve heard all about rabbit holes, ponies and other assorted potential New Year’s treats. That said, I’d like to now invite you to a magic quest through Dropbox and the interwebs in a test that will reward your craftiness, skill and effort. There are awesome prizes, too! Expect to earn some extra space for Dropbox along the way.

The prizes include 50GB Dropbox storage, 10GB storage, and 5GB storage, as well as various Dropbox t-shirts and hoodies.

Be prepared to put in the time to get your rewards though. The Dropbox guys have gone to pretty extreme lengths to make it a touch challenging. To help you on your way, a cheat sheet was posted a few days ago that tells you how to get an additional 1GB storage for your Dropbox account.