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Exclusive: New MacBooks To Be 20% Lighter, Have Significant Battery Improvements, And More!

Exclusive: New MacBooks To Be 20% Lighter, Have Significant Battery Improvements, And More!

We at MacTrast have received exclusive information from a source claiming to be an insider in the manufacturing process ofthe upcoming MacBook and MacBook Pro models.  Our source provided quite a bit of specific information about the upcoming Apple notebook models.  Here’s what was divulged (and you got it here first!)

All Models:

It is said that all models will be made between 15-20% lighter, being made of an amorphous alloy that Apple has purchased the rights to.  The material is said to be stronger, lighter, and more scratch resistant than the current aluminum unibodies, and is said to be manufactured in a process similar to injection molding, as is standard for that material.

It was also mentioned that Apple has invested in a new battery technology, enabling Apple to pack about 20% more battery life per volume into their battery cells, indicating that all notebooks across the board should be experiencing improved battery life.

Further, it is claimed that Apple is slightly smoothing the edges of the enclosure to eliminate a concern with “sharp edges” that some users have been reporting, but that this process will yield only a very minimal change in the product’s visual design.

In addition, it is claimed that Apple will be using a new type of display with lower power consumption, although no details were given as to what type of display would be used.  It was also mentioned that Apple will be lowering the price “significantly” on RAM and SSD upgrades.

MacBook Pro 13″

The 13″ MacBook Pro will receive an update to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, made possible due to the Sandy Bridge units having made significant improvements in heat output and power consumption.

The 13″ model will also receive a BTO option to add a higher-resolution 1440*900 display in either glossy or matte finish.  The 13″ MacBook Pro model will retain its optical drive in the present form, and in it’s present location.  Battery life on the 13″ model will increase from 10 hours of wireless productivity to 12 hours, and the weight of the 13″ base model will decrease from 4.5 pounds to an incredible 3.7 pounds.

MacBook Pro 15″

The 15″ MacBook Pro will receive, in addition to the new Sandy Bridge processors, a battery life rated for 11 hours of wireless productivity.  It will retain it’s current BTO hi-res display option, but will also gain the matte display option on the standard resolution configuration.

Interestingly, the 15″ model is said to be gaining a modular bay for the optical drive, which would give users the option to replace the optical drive with a second hard-drive, or perhaps some other type of SATA device as well, although this assumption is a second hard drive.  Due to the enhanced strength of the amorphous allow, they are able to include this without adding to the thickness of the device.

The weight of the 15″ model is said to be decreasing from 5.8 pounds for the base unit down to 4.6 pounds.  The 15″ model is also said to be once again gaining an expansion slot, which is thought to be the standard ExpressCard/34 slot.  The 15″ model is also said to be gaining a third USB port on the right-hand side panel, directly across from the track pad.

MacBook Pro 17″

The 17″ MacBook Pro will receive, in addition to the new Sandy Bridge processors, a battery life rated for 11 hours of wireless productivity, as well as the modular optical/HDD storage enclosure from the 15″ MacBook Pro.  It will also gain an additional USB port (bringing the total up to 4) in the same location as the 15″ model.

The weight of the 17″ model will be reduced from 6.6 pounds to 5.3, and will retain it’s current ExpressCard slot.  The 17″ model is also claimed to be gaining an advanced graphics option that will, for some reason, only be available in the 17″  model.


Base pricing is said to be as follows: $1099 starting for the 13″ MacBook Pro, $1549 for the 15″ MacBook Pro, and $2099 for the 17″ MacBook Pro, with Apple clearly being quite aggressive here on those price points.

That’s all the information that our source was able to provide to us.  No pictures were included, and the information was delivered via a telephone conference, with our source requesting anonymity.  As with all rumors, please don’t take this as the final word until something is actually released!  We make no claims as to the credibility of these rumors, however, on a personal note, I really, really hope that they’re true!

Sounds off with your thoughts and inputs in the comments!

  1. @bplano says:

    Sounds good. Excited, but hoping my Macbook Air will be sell-able. Any word on SSD?

    1. The only word on SSD is that Apple will be lowering upgrade prices.

    2. Tommy says:

      LQMT recieves no royalties from APPLE.

      Apple clearly wasn't interested in inheriting this mess so Liquidmetal's IP was transferred to a wholly owned subsidiary which then licensed it to Apple for use in consumer electronics and to Liquidmetal for use in all other fields. The intent was likely to hold the IP bankruptcy remote from the declining company to protect Apple's license in the worst case.

      The license is "perpetual, worldwide, fully-paid, exclusive" "in the field of consumer electronic products". So they got a one-time payment without royalties for these privileges. But they didn't announce how much they received.

    3. Tommy says:

      I am writing a letter to the SEC…. you are clearly manipulating LQMT stock….. have fun in the slammer….

  2. @luciano_k says:

    What about display resolution in 15" and 17" models?

    1. I didn't get any information about that, other than the anti-glare option on the standard res 15" model. I'd expect it to remain the same.

  3. Tom says:

    How reliable is this source?

    1. First time we've used them – don't have an answer for that.

  4. Alex says:

    How reliable is your source's track record?

    1. This is the first time we have used this source. Reliability is unknown.

  5. Kevin says:

    My credit card is in my hand for a new 15-inch. WHEN?!


    1. My bet is March 1st, but I don't know for sure.

      1. Kevin says:

        Yeah this appears to be what reports are suggesting. Some were hoping for an announcement of some description this evening. I reckon by the end of the week/next week invites to the 'event' will be given out to press..

  6. Tom says:

    Any speculation on how significant pricing drops on SSD's will be?

    1. The only word I have on that is "significant."

  7. @pieterstrik says:

    Awaiting arrival of new Apple MacBook Pro series ! Enhancements look cool…

  8. No word on that, sorry.

  9. iso says:

    haha this blog post is hilarious because every single one of the things mentioned comes from a Wish List thread on the Macrumors.com forum. Absolutely none of this is reliable.

  10. james says:

    what about discrete gpu in 13 inch?

    1. oni says:

      if the prices suggested here are more or less what they will be, you shouldn't get your hopes up. but nothing is final, so they might well go for the lower-end previous generation nvidia chips – or even amd.
      as for state-of-the-art integrated graphics, chances are high we won't be seeing that… the e-350 is too slow, the intel igps don't have enough parallel workforce and nvidia doesn't make any chipsets for the latest platforms any more…

  11. pippy says:

    flabby nipples

  12. martin says:

    Sounds like somebody's wishlist, sound too good to be true. But a modular bay? NEVER.

  13. Audi TT says:

    Can you give me some off what you smoke ? looks great…

    1. In my defense, these aren't my ideas – I just published the report.

  14. De passage... says:

    il y a intérêt que ce soit vrai car sinon…. grrrr.

  15. Joe says:

    Any word or thoughts on the rumor of a fiber connection?

    1. Unfortunately, no word on that at all.

      1. Joe says:

        Did you read the latest appleinsider news? "Intel to debut Light Peak alongside Apple's new MacBook Pro"… rolled into the new MacBook Pros? ; ) fingers crossed!!!

  16. Monstermac77 says:

    Why do you have the 15" model's current weight as 5.8 pounds? According to the Apple website, it's 5.6.

    1. A typo, my friend.

      1. Monstermac77 says:

        All right, just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

  17. ScS says:

    I think you had better find a new source for information. Liquidmetal contains exotic metals such as platinum (@ $1830/oz). If they were to make the case out of this material, it would drive the price up significantly rather than dropping it. It may be economic to make the iPhone or iPod cases from it but I'm not sure.

  18. Jammin says:

    I would agree except I don't think they are limited to the scarce metals. This could change what we expect out of our metal enclosures going forward.

  19. Don says:

    So how about the reliability of this source?

    Seems that the author has carefully avoided that question, and thus I'm inclined to call this bullshit. At least have the courtesy to at least say it's credible!

  20. elctroNYC says:

    I used to be a windows guy. Now I use ubuntu in my main computer and it is great. I want a laptop but I do not want windows I really want a Macbook air for its weight but this options for the macbook pro sound very sweet. Expensive but I think is worth it. I just can way until they update the macbook pro and the macbook air.

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  22. Zurna Sohbet says:

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