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New Macbook Pros On March 11?

New Macbook Pros On March 11?

Many pundits, analysts, and tech journalists agree that it’s like that Apple MacBook Pro line will be refreshed sometime soon, with some guessing April, and some guessing even sooner.  Now, however, the great folks over at 9 To 5 Mac have obtained information suggesting that the new MacBook Pro models could launch as early as March 11!

The information comes in the form of a data readout straight from Best Buy’s inventory system showing the March 11 launch date.  The readout doesn’t list any specifications, however, but maybe that’s a good thing – that would take half the fun out of speculating!

9 T0 5 Mac Via GeekyGadgets

  1. Serianni says:

    Yay that should hint to the release of the ipad 2 as well. I heard rumors of pre orders hitting february 15th 🙂

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