The Daily to get SuperBowl ad?

The Daily to get SuperBowl ad?

Rupert Murdoch is no stranger to using a wide variety of media to promote his own media company products. He explicitly stated that he would use his influence, power and money to promote the Daily as if it were a standard print newspaper. It appears the first week of promotion was just a precursor to the big spending, as Murdoch is apparently going to run a promo in front of America’s number one televised sporting event, the SuperBowl.

As All Things D points out, this years event is being broadcast by Murdoch-owned Fox network, and a 30-second spot during the half time adverts show will cost somewhere in the region of $3 million (about €2.2 million).

The company also tweeted a little teaser to indicate confirmation that, indeed, they plan on running a SuperBowl advert for an app:

The first app with a #superbowl spot revealed tonight. Can you guess who? #sb45 #thedaily

In Ireland we’ll be waking up to the ads (and the result), so check MacTrast tomorrow to see the commercial, and any other Apple-themed ads that might crop up!