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Apple iPad 2 Launch: Poor Planning On Apple’s Part

Apple iPad 2 Launch: Poor Planning On Apple’s Part

Yesterday’s demand for the iPad 2 was extreme. Across the US, people waited in lines filled with hundreds of people, waiting for hours on end to get a hold of the new device. Unfortunately, it seems like Apple (and the exercise of poor retail planning) was not able to keep up with the launch.

What’s worse? They failed to inform customers when they ran out of popular iPad 2 models, only adding to the frustration of not being able to purchase one after spending an entire day waiting.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac noted that some Apple Retail Stores did not exercise proper launch practices, allowing the first few people in line to buy up to 6 of the popular iPad 2 models, leaving him (the 9th person in line) unable to buy his model of choice.

For all of the infinite hype that Apple created with their numerous newsletters, videos, emails, and so forth, it seems they’ve done a fairly poor job executing the launch. Many Apple Stores completely ran out of iPads, for instance – something that was completely unseen for the iPhone 4 launch.

It’s a very poor practice to wait until people (who have been waiting for hours) are within a stone’s throw of the doors to tell them that, for instance, all 3G models are sold out. They should have been sending employees down the line, so that people could go home without wasting more of their precious time.

So for those of your that were able to purchase an iPad 2 – congrats! You were the lucky ones. Apparently Apple’s retail department can’t manage to hold their own without Steve hovering over them and calling every single shot. Hopefully he finds time to get back to the office and fire a few people despite his medical leave.

via 9to5Mac

  1. Jeffyg3 says:

    That was the situation at one store. All Apple stores were supposed to online allow 2 per customer. The media tend to jump the gun too quickly when one store messes up and trying to make it look like a wide spread problem like the with the headline of this article. That store's manager obviously didn't follow protocol in making sure all their employees know about the 2 only per customer limit.

  2. Mel says:

    I was at the Ridgeland, MS store & had a great experience! I got in line at 4pm & was able to get 2 models I wanted. They have out tickets & everyone knew in advance if they didn't have certain models. One store doesn't speak for all of them.

  3. terri says:

    I had a great experience @ the bestbuy in Brooklyn. The staff @ the store first made the announcement that only one iPad2 per person and also as each model was sold out we were told giving the chance to stay or leave. I happen to be one of the lucky ones to get the 32 wifi in white for my wife's birthday.

  4. Steve parker says:

    Same situation Comet the fort Manchester, pre orders had been taken by a sales person who then played ipad god and selling to people who had not been in the line waiting. 10th in line 6 oclock when asked what model i wanted only to be told sold out i went throught is process 3 times and 3 times she said sold out i relayed to her my feelings and left the store. UTTER SHAMBLES APPLE! COMET YOU NEEDED TO ACT FAIR ,PRE ORDERS FOR SOME AND NOT FOR OTHERS IS NOT GOOD PRACTICE, LOOKED LIKE YOU SOLD TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY BEFORE SELLING TO THE PUBLIC STOOD IN LINE WAITING

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