Demo Of Photoshop for iPad

Demo Of Photoshop for iPad

Eric from Photograph Bay shot the above video of Adobe’s new Photoshop app for iPad.

The app was demonstrated at Photoshop World where the layers function within the app was showed off. There is a great “wow” moment when a 3D style layers animation occurs near the end of the video. Pretty cool stuff.

There is a free Photoshop app available for iPad by the name of Photoshop Express but the app demoed above is a far fuller app feature wise.

There is no release date yet for Photoshop for iPad. A price has yet to be confirmed either.


  1. knaught says:

    So there's no video visible on my iPad. Tell me you're not using Flash.

    1. Cholo says:

      Nope no video. Idiot's using flash on an article about iPad. Go figure!!

  2. Raje says:

    Hell yeah! This is what I need.

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