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Facebox – Free Mac App For Checking In On Facebook

Facebox – Free Mac App For Checking In On Facebook

If you are one of the millions of people that checks into Facebook on a much too regular basis, you may be interested in Facebox (free download).

Facebox is a free Mac app that sits in your menu bar and puts your Facebook stream within one-click distance.


While this is a great app for Facebook fanatics, it does have some noticeable drawbacks. For example, the app doesn’t play well with Youtube videos. Instead of embedding the video, Facebox will instead link to it. Also, you can’t remove the app icon from your dock. This is a touch annoying because clicking on the dock icon does absolutely nothing. The Facebox app is only accessible through the menu bar – so why have a dock icon?

That being said, I like the idea of Facebox even if it isn’t 100% perfect.

  1. Mike says:

    I tried this out and it wouldn't display the news feed properly. Posts from 5 hours ago were mixed in with posts from 45 minutes ago when I know there were more recent posts than that in the first place. I've been using Facebook Notifications for a long time and I'll stick with that until they get the bugs worked out of this one.

  2. Tori says:

    how do you delete it?

  3. Monika Tanu says:

    Same issues here. How to uninstall. Dragging it from apps folder doesn’t work like usual apps.

    1. 909caliboi says:

      If you click the tool option at the bottom select “quit” and you will see it disappear from the menu bar. Then open your APPLICATIONS folder and move it to the trash. It asked me to put in my computer password to completely uninstall/delete the application. I did, and it was deleted and uninstalled from my computer! I hope it helped.

      1. 909caliboi says:

        I’m sorry. My directions seemed a bit unclear. Click the Facebox like you’re checking your status, and at the bottom of the Facebox window you’ll see the tools and settings option

  4. benelli guns says:

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