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Giveaway: Plantronics Voyager Pro (Update: Winner!)

Giveaway: Plantronics Voyager Pro (Update: Winner!)

You may have read our recent review of Plantronics’ incredible Voyager Pro headset. We were so impressed with it that we want to share the experience with you in the most direct way possible: By giving one away!

There are two ways to win, and you may enter up to two separate times:

1. Tweet the following on twitter and be following @MacTrast at the time of the drawing:

Win A @Plantronics Voyager Pro Headset! Follow @MacTrast and RT! Details: http://bit.ly/hmSRiw #MTVoyager

2. Leave us a comment on the blog telling us why you should win the Voyager Pro

In order to win, you must be following MacTrast at the time of the drawing, and you must have tweeted the following phrase on twitter OR have left us a comment on the blog by telling us why YOU should win the Voyager Pro.

Winner will be drawn March 8th by a random drawing.

Update 3/10/2011 We have now selected a winner for the Voyager Pro giveaway. Today’s winner was selected from our comment feed. Congratulations, Jack Williams, commenter #4! We’ll send out an email with the details.

  1. I believe I should win this wonderful headset because as a traveling student and musician, there is a lot of risk when making or answering calls while I'm on the road. This would be a wonderful accessory to have. 😀
    Plus, it is just plain awesome!

  2. Matt Bosworth says:

    I should win because
    1) First Comment!
    2) ipod headphones blow.

  3. Ron Miller says:

    to save 50 bucks!

  4. Amy C says:

    I should win cuz I need em… Plz

  5. Jim McDuffie II says:

    I would love to win them so I can stop holding my iphone to my ear while i'm driving.

  6. Thor Spangler says:

    I should win because my last Plantronics headset was crushed by a size 12 PF Flyer.

  7. JackCohen says:

    I should win because after owning and losing my Plantronics 925 I bought the new beautiful 975. Lost that and now I'm lost without either. P.S. If I win I promise not to lose this one! Lol P.P.S Plantronics makes the BEST headsets and now 3 of my friends own the 975… I'm all alone lol

  8. I heard chicks dig a Bluetooth headset and I could use all the help I can get.

  9. Alex Jones says:

    I think I should win this because I live in the UK and it is illegal to drive and phone at the same time and I need to do this a lot with running two businesses. Plus, I've never won anything in my life and I think this would be a good starting place :p

  10. Gregor Trieste says:

    I should win this because I wouldn't normally buy this as I am die hard jaw bone user!

  11. Casey Ogden says:

    You should select me as the winner so that you would be supporting my cause…. The cause I want to win this headset.

  12. Michelle simons says:

    Amazing tech and I would use these to hear my music a lot better then the old headset I have now. I'm tweeting too. And a follower. @MCJunkie

  13. Charline Williams says:

    I should win because I need one for my husband.

  14. James says:

    I'd like to win the Plantronics Voyager Pro because of it has awesome sound quality, comfortable design and great battery life which will make life easier for me anywhere i go.

    Tweeted http://twitter.com/88k8y/status/44685780584644608

  15. Carrie Conley says:

    I should win because I want a nice headset….

  16. david says:

    I should win because I need a headset for my new iPhone when I'm driving to work! 😀

  17. Diane says:

    I would give this to my son so he would not be distracted ..:) @saraminda

  18. Liam says:

    I would finally have a bluetooth headset to actually use instead of constantly spending my time trying to find one that I would be happy with. So far this process has taken 5 years… Stop the pain!

  19. kasperlannoo says:

    I should win them because the Plantronics Voyager Pro is awesome and as a student I can use it while i drive to my university. Would work and fit very nice with my iPhone 4!! 😀
    Besides, I have never won anything before 🙂

  20. Josh says:

    I should win because my old headset just broke, like just now! 🙁

  21. Helen says:

    I want to win this because I have already changed a few headsets and none of them seem to be able to last long. Would be a definite change when this is the ultimate keeper!

  22. Mae says:

    I wanna win coz I need it badly for my job.

  23. Jim Bodine says:

    I should win this headset because I purchased a jawbone icon, and lost it a week later, purchased another and it won't fit my ears, and then broke my iPhone headphones. I am hoping the over the ear design will stay on my ears, and the size will make it harder to lose…

  24. Kathleen Gereg says:

    These would simplify my social life!!!

  25. topandm says:

    I should win because it work with my iPhone.

  26. reva skie says:

    I should win because I would taunt all the idiot SUV drivers who can affort a $60K car but no earbud of mobile conversation. I would point to my Plantronics and wave as I pass them by.

  27. Michelle Bartley says:

    Because I'm LUCKY!!!

  28. Laura Kahn says:

    I should win the Plantronics Voyager Pro because when I use them on my way to work while riding the train everyone will want to know where I got them.

  29. vikki says:

    need a new headset

  30. Penny Zeni says:

    This looks like a fantastic blue tooth headset, thanks for your comprehensive review! It would be immensely helpful for me- I have mobility issues due to a health condition and also frequently get migraines due to neck strain so I think this service would help both! Thanks!

  31. Steven Schermer says:

    Fantastic headset

  32. Megan C. says:

    I would love to win so I can brag about how I won from you!!! 🙂 And my hubby likes these kinds of things and our anniversary was yesterday….delayed present! 🙂

  33. Janene Scarborough says:

    I should win because I just don't have one, it sure would be nice to have.

  34. becky evans says:

    I will tell you why I should win….I am in love with Plantronics Voyager Pro , so much so that I have become Platonic to everyone but you.

  35. Joel says:

    I need a great headset with a strong battery and a good range. I have had great experience with Plantronics, so I know this headset will ROCK!

  36. Elly S says:

    I should win the Plantronics Voyager Pro because I have one speed, one gear. Go. I’m different. I have a different constitution. I have a different brain. I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man.

  37. Arman C. says:

    I should win because today is 8.March, WOLD WOMAN DAYs and I bought for my girlfriend a ipod touch and with Plantronics Voyager Pro that will be amazing present…

    Twitter name @armancana

    thx from SARAJEVO BiH….

  38. Chris says:

    I am on the phone trying to help hurting people for a good part of my day. To be able to maintain mobility and stay available for them would be great! Plus, your review was great. I have been following y'all for a while now and like reading all the apple rumors and getting updates. Thanks MacTrast!

  39. ileeloi says:

    It's the Chloe O' Brian headset for starters which is super Geeky cool. Also I want one because I need a proper headset and mic in WOW for the audios in Vent and TS3 and then have WOW music on my normal speakers. Filming a project soon so your headset could be in it!.

  40. Ben says:

    I should win because I have absolutely no idea what it is. FREE STUFF!

  41. Marcus says:

    I could really use a bluetooth head set

  42. Elias says:

    because I need to tell the world how good they are 😛

  43. Jack Williams says:

    I should win it 'cause I wanna talk to all ma buds and boast about my new headset! ^_^

  44. Satpathy says:

    This is the best one could buy or own.

    best of the rest.

  45. Mario Ragone says:

    I should win the Plantronics Voyager Pro because it will be the first headset I don't have to feed AAA batteries to

  46. Jenz says:

    I would love to own this head-set. For the last few years I have gone through a multitude of head-sets but never manage to find a pair that fit my small ears. This could be my way out of head-set hell.

  47. devarya says:

    Would be a miracle if I won it! Just want a miracle so bad.

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