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Growl Notification Position – What’s The Best Setup (Poll)

Growl Notification Position – What’s The Best Setup (Poll)

Growl is a popular notification app for Mac. It’s probably one of the most downloaded and installed 3rd party apps on OS X since it comes bundled with so many other apps.

Apps such as Mail.app, GmailNotifier, MailPlane, & Spotify all use Growl to notify you of in-app activities.

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By default, Growl.app places a “smoke” notification in the top right corner of your screen. But is this the best place to position the Growl notification?

Personally, I believe the default position is the worst choice because the top right corner of my screen is an area that I frequently use. My mouse cursor practically lives in that area as that is where most of the toolbars & menus of the apps I use are positioned.

I find that receiving Growl notifications in the top right hand corner distracts and causes me to either pause my work or to click the Growl notification so that it disappears. And sometimes even clicking on the Growl notification will bring up the app. Grrrr! Not what I wanted to do.

Growl Notification Settings

I have instead configured Growl to show notifications in the bottom left hand corner of my screen as this is an area of the desktop that I very rarely use and it is a bit outside of my eyeline. This means I can choose to ignore some notifications if my work requires a lot of concentration, and I no longer have to click to exit Growl notifications as they don’t overlap any apps.

Where have you configured your Growl notifications to appear? Vote in the above poll and drop us a comment telling us how you have Growl setup and why.