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Leaked iPhone Photo Shows A .2″ Increase in Display

iPhone 5 Leaked Photo

iDealsChina, who previously reported solid info about the iPod Nano, are at it again. Today they posted a model image of what seems to be an iPhone 5.

MacRumors Forum member Bartboy919, put his Photoshop skills to task and did a rough comparison of the current iPhone 4 body and the leaked photo from iDealsChina.

PhotoShop Comparison

According to my masterfull (poor) photoshop skills, it looks as if the form factor will not change at all, and that the iPhone 5 will likely rock more of a 3.7 inch screen than a 4 inch screen. looks like a winner to me!

So, if the photos are to be believed, the iPhone 5 will be the same size as the iPhone 4 but have a slightly larger screen coming in at 3.7 inches rather than the current 3.5 inch display.

Getting excited?

(Via MacStories)


5 thoughts on “Leaked iPhone Photo Shows A .2″ Increase in Display

  1. Barb says:


  2. Jon says:

    Doesn't make any sense re: all existing apps designed to work to certain res ratio. Unless they're introducing a more permanent menu/multi-task bar?

    1. NanoGeek says:

      I bet the screen will keep the same ratio, they are just making it a little larger.r

      1. Andrew says:

        It appears as though they expanded the screen width as well as length.

  3. Loki says:


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