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Need A Case For Your New iPad 2? How About One Of These?

Need A Case For Your New iPad 2?  How About One Of These?

TUAW has a nice roundup of cases for the iPad 2 that you should check out (if you don’t like Apple’s cover or don’t think it’s worth it. We’ve located a few interesting one’s that they didn’t mention. Check them out below!

Grove Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Grove, known for it’s fantastic iPhone 4 cases, has now come out with a great new case for the iPad. The new case is still made of durable and eco-friendly bamboo, lined with a soft material, but also mimic’s Apple’s smart cover by including a magnet-driven leather cover attached to the bamboo case that folds back to support the iPad 2 in both portrait and typing-friendly positions, just like Apple’s Smart Cover.

Grove’s case is doe out in 3-6 weeks for $80, and a $20 pre-order deposit (applied to your final order) guarantees you one when they are ready. You can find out more on their website.

Booq BooqPad Folio

More tailored to the professional Audience, Booq has announced their new BooqPad Folio for the iPad 2, which combines a traditional padfolio complete with paper tablet, pen, and business card slots, with a professional and striking iPad 2 case, all formed from beautiful leather. The BooqPad Folio is backordered, but will ship by March 25th, and is available for a modest $50. To order, or for details, visit the product page at Booq.

Miniot Cover For iPad 2

If real wood is your think, Miniot has released their all-wood iPad 2 cover. It doesn’t pack a lot of features, but features classical wood styling and durable protection, and is available sometime this month starting at 50 Euros. Check out their website for more details.

  1. Steve says:

    I like the look of the three mentioned cases but none of them address the dual cameras that the iPad 2 has now…. please advise

    1. Holly K says:

      The grove has a precision hole for the vga cam in the back of it. It opens like a folio so there is no hole in the front lining.

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