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Safari Performance Significantly Increased On iPad 2

Safari Performance Significantly Increased On iPad 2

According to the folks over at TiPb, the additional RAM in the iPad 2 makes a tremendous difference in how browsing is handled in Mobile Safari. In comparing the 2 devices side-by-side, it was found that tabs refreshed much less often, and that the browsing experience was, in general, significantly improved.

Check out the video below for their demonstration:

And to quote TiPb:

As you can see from the video above, the iPad 2 using the Apple A5 chip combined with more RAM performs much better than the original iPad when browsing in Mobile Safari. If you load up all nine tabs, you’ll see that the original iPad starts to choke up pretty badly when compared to the iPad 2. This is due to the original iPad only coming with 256MB of RAM while iPad 2 comes packed with 512MB. (We hoped for as much as 1GB in the video before getting more test results back. Maybe next year!.)

The original iPad tends to “kill” background tabs whenever it runs out of available memory, which can get pretty annoying if you use the iPad primarily for web browsing. The iPad 2 performed flawlessly and had no hiccups when browsing. Also the dreaded “checkerboard effect” — where significant lag would occur before Safari could render the web page content — is nowhere to be found. Scrolling in Safari is smooth as butter, and gone are the days when switching between tabs meant loading the entire page from scratch.

The difference in performance is quite clear, and browsing on the iPad 2 is definitely a step up from the original iPad in every way. If you were able to pick up an iPad 2 then let us know your thoughts on RAM performance and how it compares to the first iPad in the comments below!

TheMacFeed via TiPb