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Sr. Mistu – gorgeous hand drawn game for the iPhone

Sr. Mistu – gorgeous hand drawn game for the iPhone
Sr Mistu iphone game

Sr. Mistu “The Great Olive Pursuit” is a lovingly hand crafted game by Marc Sallent and Cinta Vidal and released under the We Choose Fun banner.

The hand drawn interface makes this app a pleasure to interact with from the moment it launches, and the gameplay is oddly compelling once you get sucked in. The earliest levels are relaxed and easy to get you accustomed to the interface – first you observe the action on the level, then you drag Sr. Mistu’s dog, Gaido, a path through the level, making sure your path takes you through all the olives you must collect for Sr. Mistu’s pizza before exiting the level.

Once you have completed your path, Gaido will lead Sr. Mistu through the level, if you haven’t timed it just right Sr. Mistu is likely to run afoul of one of the many obstacles that present.

I did get momentarily frustrated a couple of levels in, and was almost ready to give up when something clicked (ok actually I watched Cormac breeze through a difficult level and wasn’t going to let him beat me).

Gameplay is accompanied by a very lovely track from The Black Atlantic which is fittingly soothing. Although compelling the game is quite relaxing to play… for the most part, it occasionally gets quite tense watching Sr. Mistu wend his way through a complex level, near-missing cars, trains, falling objects and the occasional surprise obstacle.

Check it out, we think you’ll like it.

Sr. Mistu for iPhone, The Great Olive Pursuit from We Choose Fun on Vimeo.