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2.4-2.6 Million iPad 2s Shipped So Far

2.4-2.6 Million iPad 2s Shipped So Far
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As we all know, iPad 2 supplies have been somewhat constrained, with the shipping estimate from Apple only recently improving to 2-3 weeks. Despite that, however, the popular (that’s an understatement, no?) tabled has already sold as many as 2.6 million units.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple’s suppliers report having already shipped between 2.4 and 2.6 million iPad 2 tablets. They claim that shipments of iPad 2 have significantly outpaced the original iPad, and that over 4 million additional units are expected to be shipped each month between April and June – that’s over 12 million units for the second quarter of this year!

From Boy Genius Report:

The iPad 2 has seen tremendous demand in the U.S. and globally, having sold out in nearly every retail location that made the tablet available. Lines continue to form as new inventory arrives at retail locations abroad, and strong sales have kept stock low at U.S. retailers as well. Shipping estimates for online orders placed on Apple’s website improved to 2-3 weeks last month but that is where they have remained ever since, suggesting supply still hasn’t caught up with demand. Apple’s iPad 2 launched on March 11th in the U.S., and we said in our review that it pushed Apple’s already huge lead in the tablet space even further.

This is certainly impressive, but the question remains: Is Apple in face producing these units fast enough? What could/should they have done better to maximize this launch? Sound off in the comments!

DigiTimes via BGR