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Apple Grow To Take 9.3% Of US PC Market

Apple Grow To Take 9.3% Of US PC Market

Apple is clearly dominating the tablet market but what about the PC market?

Apple has historically being a bit player in the massive personal computer market with cheaper options from the likes of Dell, Acer, and HP dominating the market. But a new report from Gartner is showing a shift that saw a massive 18.9% growth by Apple in Q1 of the PC market.

The Garnter report shows an overall decline of 1.1% in the PC market with a total of 84.3 million units sold in Q1 of this year. The report calls out the increase in Tablet popularity and the resulting shift in consumer purchasing as the primary reason for the decline in PC sales.

HP, Acer, and Dell witnessed shipment declines of 3.4%, 12.2%, and 2.2% respectively. Toshiba and Apple were the only two that saw growth in Q1 with Apple out shinning Toshiba with an impressive 18.9% gain that saw their share grow to 9.3% of the market.

Although the PC market is taking a pounding from iPad sales, Apple continues to grow its share of the PC market with Mac sales.

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