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Charlie Sheen iPhone & iPad App – WINNING!

Charlie Sheen iPhone & iPad App – WINNING!

Charlie Sheen’s back! And this time on iTunes. Although I’m not very sure of how he got through to Apple, he has designed an app for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry AND Android platform.

Download MaSheen for your iPhone & iPad from the App Store.

An investment of $2.99 later, my iPad is a shining platform of ‘mind torpedos’ and advice from The Man himself. Friendly Fire lets you connect to another MaSheen user and ‘interface’.

Besides the unconventional names and borderline creepy sounding taglines- this is Sheen’s very practical next step forward into becoming a new age ‘guru’ of wisdom, strength and provider of other general pre-requisites for winning…

Sheen was kind enough to wake up this morning and let the world know through twitter: “my new app is finally up and running. it’s epic! #MaSheen the others are ALL FAKE! this one I designed. your welcome”

Most of the content on the app is full of interesting artwork thrown in with Sheen’s popular quotes. Fastballs of Truth are a set of really funny videos and Warlock Gear provides details of where to spend more money in order to buy more things thought of by the genius himself. (and his clever, clever PR team)

Worth $2.99? Sure why not?

Just, don’t take the ‘Magik Tiger’ too seriously…