Eye-Fi SD Cards Now Sync Wirelessly With iOS Devices

Eye-Fi SD Cards Now Sync Wirelessly With iOS Devices

So far, Apple has not put an SD slot in their iDevices, thought the Camera Kit can solve this issue for some. Another solution has recently cropped up, as Eye-Fi, makers of wirelessly-syncing SD cards, have enabled their devices to sync with iOS.

I was there as Eye-Fi announced a new feature at CES 2011 called “Direct Mode”, which lets the card broadcast itself as it’s own Wifi network (at the time, I heard no mention of iOS compatibility). They’ve now implemented this new feature, and have released an official iOS app so that iDevice users can capitalize on it directly.

If the prospect of slurping your SLR’s photos or videos onto your iPhone or iPad wirelessly appeals, you’ve got two options. If you’ve got an existing Eye-Fi X2 card, you should be able to invoke the new mode just by installing a firmware update, due out next week along with the appropriate iOS app. Otherwise, the new Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card with 8GB of storage and Direct Mode bake in will go on sale on April 17th for the price of $79.99.

We at MacTrast will try our damndest to get a hold of one of these things for a hands-on, and will report back when the iOS app is available on the app store.