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Giveaway: Moshi iLynx 800 (Update: Winner!)

Giveaway: Moshi iLynx 800 (Update: Winner!)

In case you missed it, we recently reviewed Moshi Monde’s iLynx 800 FireWire and USB hub – a solid, well-designed, and beautiful device designed to maximize usage of ports on your Mac. We loved this so much, we’re giving one away! Read on for how to enter.

We really want you to love this great product as much as we do, and we love our readers and want them to take part in our joy, so we’re giving away a brand new iLynx 800 – This is brand new, not our review unit, and has only been opened once to take photographs!

Here’s how you can enter:

Twitter and Comment

Entry opens today, and winners will be drawn sometime Thursday. To enter, please tweet the following:

Win an iLynx 800 From @MacTrast and @MoshiMonde – RT & Comment To Enter http://bit.ly/i3biBH #MTMoshi

In addition, once you tweet or RT our message on Twitter, leave a comment linking to your tweet and telling us how this would make a difference in your every-day computing.

Good luck, and let the Tweeting commence!

Update: 4/16/11 We have now drawn a winner – a big congratulations to Schmidty! We’ll be in contact. Thanks to everyone for participating!

  1. David says:


    Giveaway: Moshi iLynx 800 http://t.co/XIvyYPY via @mactrast
    I can certainly use this for when I DJ and setup multiple drives with music!

  2. Jay says:

    Like most who use their Mac's 20 hours out of the 24 that they live, I tend to use loads of USB ports including External hard drives, my iPhone, and sometimes my PS3 controller :P, and you can never seem to have enough. Would make life all that bit much better! Thanks!


  3. Samantha says:

    The one downfall of a Mac is that there isn't enough USB Ports. This would be a great thing to own.

  4. millman882 says:


    I'm constantly moving my laptop around and it would be nice to have this divice to function as a dock or port replicator for quick setup when sitting down at my desk at home.

  5. Eileen says:

    Need to join up the printer, mouse,iTtouch, iPhone, IPad, shuffle. Not to mention the external hard drive and the embroidery machine. Really need more ports on the MacBook, especially the ones that can powerr the iPad and embroidery machine. An iLynx would tidy the work surface immensely.

  6. Sarah says:

    This would make things much easier!
    rewtweeted as @miss_moneymaker

  7. Max says:


    This will look great with the mstand from raindesign – http://www.raindesigninc.com/mstand.html!!! Let me win and I'll post pictures how great it works 😉

  8. chris says:

    Win an iLynx 800 From @MacTrast and @MoshiMonde – RT & Comment To Enter http://bit.ly/i3biBH #MTMoshi

    i'd use this to plug in some fun gadgets at my office to make it less boring. i can see my self firing usb rockets at colleagues….

  9. Maxim Harper says:


    I've just moved to SSD and need to have more than one Firewire port for my external harddrives!

  10. mace40 says:

    I would soooo love to have this device to not only speed things up but also eliminate alot of my "spider Web" problem with cords.

  11. daveh1414 says:


    i am new to the Mac world and will never leave it now i am part of the team. I have just left the Armed forces after ten years and my hobbys are photography and video editing and the mac lacs so many ports with this genius product i am able to connect all my products: cameras, video cameras, external hardrives, printers, scanners, mixing station, iphone ect to it and have ease selection when needed.

  12. p4cm4c says:

    FW800 and USBs are seriously lacking on MacBooks. I'd love to have a iLynx !

  13. gagneana000 says:

    I would finally be able to use my External HD, 3 USBs, iPhone, and other stuff at the same time on one computer! http://twitter.com/#!/MacTrast/status/58156242476

  14. Paul Carrier says:


    This would let me use my midi controllers/ Numark NS7/ External HDDs/ live stream camera on my macbook all at once while DJing live at clubs!

  15. Schmidty says:

    Tweeted http://twitter.com/rusthawk/status/58211057012977

    My son would love this for his extravagant music setup.

  16. Joseph says:


    Would save me a lot of time unplugging all my USB stuff every time I want to move my laptop!

  17. TaterTotMike says:


    This would be great to dock my MacBook Pro at the office. I'm a Detective and portability is key as I'm always on the go. My peripherals could stay at the office ready to go when I return on a case!

  18. Sander Salim says:

    Would love to have this wonderful sleek silvery device http://store.moshimonde.com/ilynx-800.html so I can connect my devices without replugging the cables at the back of the Mac, without another extra power adapter… https://twitter.com/#!/Lukisan/status/58498816948

  19. Mario Lujan says:


    i am an art student in college and I'm always running out of ports on my macbook pro. it gets frustrating when i have my mouse, tablet, and hard drive plugged in all at once and have to unplug one. if i were to get this it would make my everyday computing homework SOOOOo much easier. please choose me!

  20. Tom says:


    I'm currently afflicted with hideous hub-itis. This would cure me and I could once again show my hub in public.

  21. bikerblue72 says:


    I work at home online all day on my imac and have my ipad running, macbook, extension cord for hookups for my camera… you name it… my office is a mess!!

  22. This would make computing so much easier and more streamlined and I would be able to do more art, music, and writing since I'm always running out of ports. Also, I have a particular fondness for lynxes as you can see by my twitter name.

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