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Introducing The Apple iBoy (Parody)

Introducing The Apple iBoy (Parody)

Israel’s version of The Onion, Eretz Nehederet, announced the arrival of Apple’s latest innovation, The iBoy, on April 1st.

This technological breakthrough surpasses all that Apple have done in the past and firmly puts Steve Jobs on a par with other higher beings such as God, Allah, Captain Planet, Richard Pryor, The Autobots, and Zeus.

Apple iBoyThe iBoy comes in a variety of skin tones, cultural backgrounds, and has an in-depth knowledge of anything you can find on the Internet, and he can sing like a pro (providing you have a solid iTunes library).

Shipment of the iBoy takes 9 months but it is not known when this product will be made available outside of Israel.

(Via Engadget)