Review: ColcaSac iPad 2 Case

Review: ColcaSac iPad 2 Case

Anyone looking to protect their new iPad 2, while at the same time staying close to the earth, should look no further than ColcaSac. Their beautiful and natural sleeves are the perfect carrying case!

First Thoughts

When I first saw the packaging for the ColcaSac, I was immediately impressed at the effort they have put forth in using a minimal number of materials, and materials that easily biodegrade. The ColcaSac inside was both beautiful, durable, and natural looking, and snuggles my iPad 2 in deepest luxury.

Be Good To The Earth

This section would normally be called “What’s In The Box?”, but… there is no box. And there’s only one thing in the packaging that is included – the Colcasac – so instead I will use this section to applaud ColcaSac’s environmental practices. ColcaSac’s are made from all natural fibers and natural dies. The hemp fibers used to construct the model that they sent me are one of the most sustainable materials that can be used, Hemp being fast-growing, leaching minimal nutrients from the soil, and not contributing to deforestation.

The packaging is also a step forward – the packaging is all paper-based and biodegradable, making it idea for the environmentally conscious. It’s also beautiful! The company also donates 1% of all of their proceeds to assist environmental projects and efforts.


While the ColcaSac looks like a light-weight, it offers a pretty significant degree of protection. The sleeve offers a very soft and cushioned interior, which protects the iPad from scratches, while also cleaning the screen. It also cradles your iPad close enough that you needn’t worry about it bouncing around. The outer layer is a thick fabric that’s also incredibly tough, and while ColcaSac may not do much in the case of a significant drop, I do feel it would protect the iPad from scratches and dings resulting from small drops.

Quality And Design

I was immediately impressed with this sleeve from a design perspective. The ColcaSac is hand-stitched using strong threads, and when I attempted to pull at the seems, I noticed absolutely no give at all, even when pulling with some degree of force.

ColcaSac includes a small sleeve on the front that can hold your screen cleaning cloths, power adapter, sync/charge cable, or even your iPhone. This is a nice touch, as many iPad cases don’t consider accessories in their design.


ColcaSac is a work of art. The textures and colors are as beautiful as they are functional, and even allow for some customization of the colors and designs in the ordering process. We tested their Cusco design, and found it to be very distinctive without being a distraction.


I really love my ColcaSac – I’d have a very difficult time using another case for my iPad.

The pros of the ColcaSac are many – it completely covers the iPad, it’s made of earth-friendly materials and packaged in an eco-conscious way, it includes a pocket for your accessories, it does the job of protecting your iPad quite well, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s also extremely affordable.

There are very few negatives – some people might nor prefer their “natural” looking designs, and instead opt for something made of leather or vinyl, but I see no real and lasting flaws in the ColcaSac.

Closing Thoughts

In short, the ColcaSac might not be perfect, but it’s pretty damn close. I for one am very excited to see a company so cautious in regards to the environment, and also one that provides their product without the “environmental premium” that some brands add on to their products, figuring that people will buy it anyway to try to do their environmental part.

For more information, or to buy the ColcaSac ($40, and choice of Macbook-sized sleeve or iPad-sized sleeve), please visit their website, which is also beautiful and well-designed. A link to the exact sleeve we reviewed can be found here. We award the ColcaSac a coveted and rare 5 out of 5 stars.