Review: Shanghai Mahjong For Mac

Review: Shanghai Mahjong For Mac

Mahjong – It’s an ageless game rich in Eastern tradition and lore, and if you’re the type than can appreciate the complexity of this traditional tile-based game, you’ll enjoy MobileAge’s modern update – introducing Shanghai Mahjong

The game is as you’d expect – a simple, yet subtly complex tile-based matching game that focuses on design, patterns, and skill… But what makes this game unique is just how much attention they’ve put into detail. The graphics are, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever seen in a Mahjong implementation, the mechanics are solid, the point and hinting systems are flawless, and the game in infinitely customizable.

The game features a training and tutorial for beginners to learn how to play the game. In addition, it features multiple modes of play, a large selection of layouts, customizable backgrounds, and the option to download additional sets of tiles.

Unique to this version of Mahjong is a feature called Windstorm, where the standard rules of which tiles you can move varies based upon a wind speed, which varies throughout the game, adding an additional challenge.

In short, if you enjoy the game of Mahjong, you owe it to yourself to try MobileAge’s Shanghai Mahjong. As just $2.99 USD, it’s very affordable, and well worth taking a much closer look at. It’s available in the Mac App Store (Link)

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