More People Use iPads Than Linux!

A very interesting report I came across this morning presented some intriguing data. As it turns out, the iPad is being utilized more than Linux, according to some StarCounter rating.

These numbers reflect the actual marketshare of operating systems around the world… The numbers of interest are below.

From Crenk:

The same thing seems to be happening all around the world.

In the United Kingdom, iPad’s iOS makes up 0.94%, versus 0.74% for Linux.
In Canada, iPad’s iOS makes up 0.91%, versus 0.76% for Linux.
In Australia, iPad’s iOS makes up 1.19%, versus 0.66% for Linux.
In the Netherlands, iPad’s iOS makes up 1.16%, versus 0.81% for Linux.

Linux to be me is being used by only very tech savvy individuals, but it does outline how popular the iPad has quickly become.

More than anything, I think this denotes that the iPad truly is becoming a social phenomena, more so than anyone could have possible imagined when it was released a year ago. Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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