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Next-Gen Mac Pro Details Leaked: Rackable and Stackable

Next-Gen Mac Pro Details Leaked: Rackable and Stackable

It’s traditional for Apple to produce a few prototypes before shipping out a new or redesigned product. One such prototype, for an upcoming Mac Pro, was reportedly released, showing a rack-mountable and stack-able new design!

The death of the Xserve brought a loss of rack-mountable options to the Mac community, and it appears that Apple may be attempting to replace the XServe with none other than the Mac Pro. Nearly eight years since the last redesign of the Mac Pro, this new design is said to be just 5 inches wide (much narrower), and a tad shorter, coming in at 19 inches. This would enable it to fit on a server rack.

The new machine is said to carry “stacked” drives with two drives per sled which will allow a higher drive density than what’s already out there. These stacks are not only built for conventional hard drives, but faster, more reliable SSDs in different configurations. The width of this system configuration is said to be 3U (U = 1.75 inches).

It also seems likely, if not virtually certain, that if and when it is released, the new Mac Pro would have Apple’s super-speedy ThunderBolt technology. With Final Cut Pro getting a massive new version in June, this would be the ideal time for a new Mac Pro.

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Via 9to5Mac


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