OS X 10.7 Lion Golden Master Imminent?

OS X 10.7 Lion Golden Master Imminent?

With Apple’s World-Wide developer conference this summer coming up fast, it’s no surprise that Apple is ramping up development of OS X Lion in preparation for the summer release.

Anyone who’s used one of the developer betas is well aware that there are still quite a lot of bugs in the operating system. Considering a new rumor, however, Apple is already taking significant steps to prepare the “Golden Master” for widespread distribution.

From MacGasm:

TechCrunch is reporting that the next developer preview offered up through the Mac App Store could potentially be the first Golden Master candidate of OS X Lion. The “candidate” designation is an important one. Essentially Apple is telling us that the OS is close to being done, but some bugs and patches may be introduced before the operating system actually ships this summer.

If anything is to be drawn from this news, it’s that OS X Lion is right on track, possibly for a release at WWDC.

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