Pieceable – Run iPhone Apps Through Your Browser

Pieceable – Run iPhone Apps Through Your Browser

PieceablePieceable, from i/o Ventures, allows you to access and interact with iPhone apps through your browser. Developers upload their app to Pieceable and an embeddable Flash application is returned. Yes, we are aware of the irony that Pieceable uses Flash to run iPhone / iPad apps. Still though, it’s a very cool way for developers to demonstrate their apps to potential customers.

The Pieceable website has a number of apps on their site that utilizes this technology. Below you will find an embeddable Yelp app.

One of the downfalls of the App Store is its lack of “try before you buy”. Your only out is if the app developer has created a Lite or ad-supported version of their paid-for app. Amazon introduced a similar service to that of Pieceable that allows Android users interact with apps in the browser before making a purchase.

Pieceable CEO, Fred Potter, in an interview with TechCrunch explains the beauty of their service, “It ends up being the easiest way ever to share an iPhone app on the web. There’s no UDID exchange, there’s no worry about the 100-device limit Apple places on dev accounts – it’s zero friction and hassle.”

One of the worrying outcomes of a service like Pieceable for Apple is that it allows Android users to run iPhone apps on Android through Flash. I guess Flash still has some charm!