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Samurai II Goes HD, Comes To Mac App Store, And Is GORGEOUS

Samurai II Goes HD, Comes To Mac App Store, And Is GORGEOUS

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Samurai II: Vengeance when it was released on the iPhone, and I have loved it dearly on my iPad. Now, the delightfully cartoony (yet still violent and quite bloody) Samurai II has come to the Mac App Store.

As with all of developer Madfinger’s games, the game-play mechanics, background animations, smoothness of play, and adjustable difficulty levels are absolutely wonderful. On the Mac, however, Madfinger has really taken the graphics to the next level.

My screenshots here are of the highest quality setting the game can possibly be run at, and at full screen. As you can see, while they are cartoon-like (this is just the style that the developer uses, and I think it suites their type of games extremely well), the characters, background animations, and textures are all very well-rendered, smooth, and blend together nicely.

While this is not ever going to look like StarCraft II in terms of graphics and detail level, it is nevertheless quite impressive, and leaves little to be desired. I really enjoyed (and still do) this game, and I look forward to future releases from MadFinger – hopefully even a sequel – Samurai III!

If you like what you see, and haven’t tried this game out for yourself yet, you should place it at the top of your list. Samurai II, unlike many games, does not charge a separate and additional fee for an iPad-ready version of the game, instead choosing (I think wisely) to make their a universal app.

Samurai II is on sale for 40% off right now for both iOS ($2.99, regularly $4.99, App Store) and for the Mac ($6.99, regularly $9.99, Mac App Store). There’s no better time to try out one of the truly great games available for both iOS and the Mac. For more information, visit MadFinger Games.