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This week’s top ten: iPhone 5 rumors run rampant

April 24 top ten

This was the week iPhone 5 rumors really took off. What does it look like? Will we see it this fall? Next year? Read on to find out about that and more.

Here’s a review of our top 10 Apple stories for the week of April 17-23, 2011:

iPhone 5 in the wild

High profile game developers reportedly have prototype iPhones sporting A5 chips to keep the phone on par with the iPad 2 and crush the mobile gaming market.

iPhone 5 Gets Tapered Design, Larger Screen, Gesture-Sensitive Home Button?

Probably the hottest iPhone 5 rumor of the week comes from former Engadget chief Josh Topolsky. He claims to have reliable sources telling him that the next iPhone will have a tapered design, larger screen and a touch-sensitive home button.

Spotted: iPhone 5 running iOS 5

A Vietnamese blog that has had reliable information in the past has posted a video of a prototype white iPhone 5 running what appears to be iOS 5 with an Exposé-style app management feature borrowed from OS X. Check it out.

No major design changes for iPhone 5, will have A5 processor, 8 MP camera, October launch

Superstar Apple analyst and rumor-monger Ming-Chi Kuo is contrarian to the ‘tapered’ iPhone rumor claiming that the iPhone 5 won’t see many design changes but will have a better camera and A5 processor.

Mac vs. PC Users: A Psych Profile (Infographic)

Glenn dug up a fun infographic that perpetuates stereotypes of Mac and PC users. See if you fit in to the Mac user column.

Updated iPhone 5 mockup

Not to be outdone by Glenn’s hot story this week, I posted about a revised mockup of the iPhone 5 that has the look of a MacBook Air. Find out what my take is on the iPhone 5 design.

New Apple Device To Bridge The Gap Between iOS and OS X?

What kind of new iOS device is Apple planning? Glenn takes a look at a little Easter egg in the iTunes store.

Apple location tracking

The other big story this week was the discovery that the iPhone has been tracking users’ location information. It’s gotten so much attention because of privacy concerns that even US Senator Al Franken has gotten involved. I provided my take on the issue after taking a privacy bullet and installing the iPhone location software.

Maglus: the magnetic iPad 2 stylus

I discovered a couple of guys in Ireland with a tech startup aimed at delivering a magnetic stylus for the iPad 2. Get a preview and help ‘crowd-fund’ the Maglus.

Apple Retail employees blocked from May vacations

What’s in store for the 10th anniversary of Apple retail stores? It must be big enough that Apple isn’t allowing time off for its employees during the third week of May.

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