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US iPad 2 Ship Time Improves To 2-3 Weeks

US iPad 2 Ship Time Improves To 2-3 Weeks

Good news for those that still haven’t been able to get their hands on an iPad – Apple has now dropped their delivery times down to just 2-3 weeks. According to some comments I’ve heard from readers, friends, and colleagues, these times are often somewhat quicker than expected as well, with some readers getting delivery within a week of ordering.

It’s important to note that not ALL models have had their shipping time reduced, in fact as of now, only the following models are seeing the improved shipping time, in fact when I visited the website, only 9 of the available 18 models showed the reduced delivery time. Click on the image at the head of this post to enlarge it and see for yourself.

Brick and mortar distribution of the iPad 2 has been very mixed. Some consumers (like me) have been trying for weeks to get the model they want, and to no avail, while others have been able to walk right in and buy one – it seems to depend on which model you want.

Any of you out there still waiting to get an iPad 2? How long have you been waiting? How many phone calls have you made to various stores? Sound off in the comments.