White iPhone 4. Death Grip? Yes. Special? Not really.

White iPhone 4.  Death Grip? Yes.  Special? Not really.

The white iPhone 4 is on the verge of mainstream release, almost a full year late, and while there isn’t anything new, different, or terribly exciting about it, one matter remains: It’s just as prone to death grip as its older brother.

Nothing unique at all – it’s basically just an albino iPhone 4, albeit with a different proximity sensor design… and it’s just as prone to the fabled iPhone 4 “death grip” as its predecessor, as this video from Italian Apple blog iSpazio makes clear. The end result is that signal does lower, but signal isn’t significantly compromised.

Alright, teeming masses… AntennaGate Volume 2? Let’s make this happen – right! Let the bitching begin.



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