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Apple Earns $419,528 Profit Per Employee

According to a survey of top tech companies, Apple is the most profitable on a per employee basis by a huge margin.

Pingdom has calculated profit per employee for about a dozen companies for the previous 12 months and found that Apple earns $419,528 in profit from each of its 46,000 employees. This is over $80,000 more per person than second-place Google is earning. They note that this is an “interesting metric because it gives you a number that doesn’t depend so much on the size of the company.”

Profit per employee

The other staggering figure is that just 3 years ago, Apple’s per-employee profit was only $151,000. That’s a nearly a threefold jump. Pingdom has graphs galore and rightly asks Apple: Is it time to give your folks a raise?

Perhaps one of the reasons Apple has such a healthy per-employee profit number is that they keep their payroll count low and outsource their manufacturing to the likes of Foxconn, where labor costs are dirt cheap and work conditions aren’t exactly rosy.

via Pingdom