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Apple & Google May Pull DUI Apps

Apple & Google May Pull DUI Apps

Apple & Google will shortly begin reviewing applications that alert drivers to DUI checkpoints and will determine whether or not the applications are legal or illegal.

Senator Charles E Schumer hit out at both Apple & Google for indirectly facilitating drunk drivers and their efforts to avoid Police checkpoints.

“Apple and Google shouldn’t be in the business of selling apps that help drunk drivers evade the police, and they shouldn’t be selling apps that they themselves admit are ‘terrible’, said Senator Charles E Schumer.

The apps help their users avoid the Police through user-submitted information that maps their location and Police checkpoints on their route using GPS co-ordinates.

Apps like the free Fuzz Alert that alerts users by locating speed traps, red light cameras, and DUI checkpoints may soon be pulled from the App Store.

If Apple ban this type of app, which is very likely, it will only turn those wanting to avoid chechpoints to turn to the Cydia store.

Still though, it’s amazing that these apps made their way onto the App Store in the first place.