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Camera in New iPod Nano Could be One of Many New Sensors to be Added

iPod Nano patent showing new sensorsWe mentioned the new iPod Nano could be getting a camera, but that could just be the icing on the cake. Apple has patented a Nano design with a wealth of environmental sensors.

Patently Apple has dug up a patent application filed back in Q4 2009.

The device could monitor an environment by receiving a signal from an accelerometer, camera, microphone, magnetic sensor, thermometer, hygrometer (e.g., a humidity sensor), physiological sensor, any other suitable sensor or circuitry, or any combination thereof.

The new Nano could make a Garmin ForeRunner look like a kid’s watch, especially when used with a LunaTik. These features could turn the Nano into the ultimate body accessory that would trump the likes of the FitBit and give new meaning to the term iLife.

Finally, Patently Apple notes:

[The] patent states that their invention will also apply to the iPhone, iPod Touch (PDA), iPad (tablet) and other devices which includes a laptop, gaming device and even medical equipment.

Is Apple just dreaming or will we actually see these features in the new Nano or any other iOS device? They could also just be patent trolling.

via Patently Apple