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Foxconn Explosion Caused By “Super-Light Dust”

Foxconn Explosion Caused By “Super-Light Dust”

Earlier today we reported on the terrible explosion at Foxconn’s Chengdu manufacturing facility that killed two people and injured several others. China Financial Daily is now reporting that a cause for the explosion has been determined.

According to the report, the explosion, which shattered the walls and damaged 3 floors of the building, was caused by something called super-light dust.

What is super-light dust, you ask? Essentially, it’s fine, flammable particulate matter that is distributed in the air, and can be ignited by a small spark, static, or any number of other triggers. These types of explosions occasionally happen at flour mills, when fine particles of dry grain concentrate in a barn’s enclosed volume. See the below video to get an idea of how this happens.

From CFD:

At about 19:20 Beijing Time, Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Park West Foxconn Building A5 production building exploded, 2,3,4 layers are affected, the wall shattered . The explosion is caused by a super-light dust explosion . The building is the production lines for ipad2 series. When the explosion occurred , hundreds of people inside the building carried out the production operations, Foxconn now has entered the state of emergency rescue . Casualties of the accident is unknown.