iPhone 5 Might Ship November 21st

iPhone 5 Might Ship November 21st

It’s often been said that the next iPhone won’t ship until September, perhaps around the annual iPod event, which is later than the iPhone would normally be released. One UK phone retailer, however, gets more specific, claiming a November 21st launch date.

iPhone 5

The source of the rumor may be in question, however, as it comes from T3, who claims to have gleamed the info from a representative of the retailer. This means it could have been some idiot behind a retail counter, a manager, or…anyone, really, and that aspect of the rumor has not been addressed.

In fact, I find it highly unlikely – a launch so close to the US holiday of Thanksgiving, and so close to the Christmas shopping season (making the device even harder to get) doesn’t make a lick of sense. Apple needs to have all the kinks worked out of its supply chain for the launch to be successful. It will take time to build up enough stock to hold the retail launch, considering they don’t want a repeat of the iPad 2 launch.

Take this rumor as the inane ramblings of someone who doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about – because that is probably the case.

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