iPhone App Will Unlock Your Door

iPhone App Will Unlock Your Door

Fast forward to 10 year’s time. A time when we will all have blue hair, flying skateboards, and keys will be obsolete.

The Lockitron (best name ever) is a smart phone app that lets you lock and unlock doors and will usher in the end of the key.

Lockitron uses a plug server and ethernet cable tied to an electronic lock to open and close doors. Lockitron also supports NFC (near field communication) – a technology rumored to be coming to the iPhone that caters for short distance communication between devices.

The Lockitron will set you back between $295 and $500, will host your keys in the cloud, and will allow you to create keys to share with your friends and family.

Welcome to the future! A future where instead of worrying about loosing your keys, you will worry about loosing your iPhone and getting locked out… of everything!