Is iPad Better For Your Kids Than TV?

Is iPad Better For Your Kids Than TV?

Cult of Mac ran an article this weekend on whether every child in the US should have an iPad. This seems to have provoked quite a reaction on both sides of the fence. However the prevailing argument by comments on the article resulted in the iPad being much better for your children than TV.

With children spending on average 900 hours in the classroom and 1500 hours watching TV, the iPad seems to have found stronger support for its interactivity, less harmful advertising, portability, and learning applications. Of course parental controls were also favourable. Strong opposers of both mediums were also vocalising with valid points of getting away from screens altogether and actually going outside and enjoying this great planet we live on. However, the fact remains that perhaps the iPad is a greater tool for your children than TV because of the wide variety of functions and interactivity it can provide and if you just want to watch TV, well you can do that on your iPad anyway.

What do our readers think? If you had to choose sitting your child in front of the TV for a week or giving them an iPad to explore, which would you choose?

  1. I would definitely choose an iPad over TV.  Children can do so much with an iPad!  There are so many educational apps where children are learning and practicing skills.  Many games foster critical thinking, decision-making, creating and modifying strategies to complete goals, team work, organization and so much more!  I would rather children play Angry Birds and Cut the Rope than watch TV.

  2. Interessante artigo para os pais

  3. Interessante artigo para os pais

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