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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 3 Released

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 3 Released

Apple has recently released a new build of the OS X Lion Developer Preview. Its available via software update to those running Developer Preview 2, and the Mac Dev Center confirms that it is, indeed, Preview 3. Apple is now seeding Lion DP update only via Software Update.

There are a few interesting changes in Developer Preview 3 – for one, there is a new boot animation, some new graphical elements in the Finder toolbar, a new set of desktop wallpapers, and the Reading List feature is now fully available in Safari. The Reading List button now sits in the Bookmarks bar, and can be enabled from the Safari preferences. There is speculation that Apple may make these available as an Instapaper-like services in iOS devices, as well as possibly making them compatible with MobileMe.

It’s All Tech has a detailed list of changes and screenshots from Lion Developer Preview 3:

  • New Reminders menu in iCal
  • New next desktop button in Dashboard space
  • New options when right-clicking (this appears to be buggy at this time)
  • Compatibility to external displays has been improved( especially in Mission Control)
  • There is now a Mission Control app
  • New changes in Mission Control: can add “desktops” right from Mission Control by clicking “+” button, close spaces from Mission Control, Mission Control no longer displaying text “Desktop 1″ etc., when hovering over desktop thumbnails, magnification of thumbnails are seen

It also appears that Lion has a new Login homescreen, which you can see below:

In the screenshot below, Lion’s new way to manage open applications and create new Spaces (or “Desktops) within the Mission Control UI. You can drag apps into Spaces as well.

MacRumors has more screenshots here.

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