Review: Little Black Book For iPhone

Review: Little Black Book For iPhone

We recently took a look at Pad & Quill’s excellent book-bound case for the iPad, which we LOVED. Today, we’ll take a peek at its younger brother, the Little Black Book for iPhone 4.


If you haven’t already seen me say it, I love books, and I have an appreciation for old-fashioned things, so a leather-bound case for the iPhone was really right up my alley, and with the Octavo case for iPad being such a smashing success, I figured this basically had to be awesome.

What I Loved, What I Didn’t


  • Gorgeous, leather bound, and made by hand.
  • Sustainable, made from natural materials.
  • Affordable, coming in at just $XXX
  • Lightweight.
  • Gives full access to all ports
  • Looks great in meetings, formal or semi-formal occasions. Very professional.


  • It is a bit bulky – definately sticks out more in my pocket.
  • Dropping it with the iPhone in can damage the leather.
  • The elastic strap on the back doesn’t cover the camera

Quality, Design

Design is a strong suit for this case – it’s very solidly built, quite durable, and makes great use of materials. It’s also extremely beautiful, appropriate for all sorts of occasions, both personal and professional.

I was a tad disappointed that the elastic strap does not cover the back camera of the iPhone 4 – This is one of the things I really appreciated about their Octavo for iPad – but all things considered, this is a very minor point.


The Little Black Book is a solid contender in the case market for style-oriented customers of all types, and though it doesn’t nestle as comfortable in your pocket as a naked iPhone 4, this is true of all cases. I really appreciated this case, and I award it a 4.5 out of 5.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, this case is an overall very solid performer, and it served me well. The bulk is a tad disappointing if sticking the case in your jeans, but presents no problem if you’re slipping it into a sport coat or suit jacket. I give this case my high recommendation. To read more, or to purchase the Little Black Book for iPhone 4 ($30-40, depending on if you need a back camera hole) visit Pad and Quill on the net. They also make versions of their case for the iPod Touch, Kindle, and other devices.