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More About Thunderbolt Ports on the New iMacs

Screen shot 2011 05 03 at 5 25 40 PMI mistakenly wrote that all new iMacs have 2 Thunderbolt ports. Well, in fact, only the 27-inch iMac has 2 of the port-to-rule-all-ports.

Beloved technology pundit Andy Ihnatko spoke with Apple about the Thunderbolt ports in the new iMacs released today and tweeted that they “are indeed 2 separate data channels. Each supports 6 devices (including) a screen.”

This means you’ll be able to slap TWO more 27-inch LED Cinema Displays onto your dual-Thunderbolt iMac for hot triple screen action. You can daisy-chain up to a total of 12 forthcoming Thunderbolt devices such as RAID drives from Promise and video editing equipment from Matrox.

This is a very compelling reason to opt for the 27-inch model to ensure maximum expandability.

via Andy Ihnatko