New 2011 iMacs Likely Coming Tommorow

New 2011 iMacs Likely Coming Tommorow

There’s been a lot of recent speculation that the new iMacs should be coming out soon. Now, AppleInsider is reporting that in fact the new iMacs may be released as early as tomorrow, May 3.

New iMacs

This makes sense – the last time Apple refreshed the iMac was in June of 2010, so the time for the annual refresh is certainly nigh, and supplies are indeed significantly constrained… what will you find when you check the Apple store in the morning? Our bet is new iMacs.

The new models will likely include new Sandy Bridge processors, as well as Apple’s new Thunderbolt I/O technology, as well as better options for RAM and hard drive, SSD upgrades.

As always, we’ll be here tomorrow if they do in fact get released.

Via AppleInsider