Updated To 1.0b15 Updated To 1.0b15

Reeder, my personal favorite Mac OS X RSS reader, is, as of today’s release, up to version 1.0b15. This is the 15th beta release of the Google Reader-centric RSS reader.

Hopefully a full 1.0 release is around the corner.

Full list of changes:

  • Menu item for layout selection (View > Layout)
  • Much improved arrow key navigation
  • Added status icons for starred and shared items
  • Show notes and sharers in the article view
  • Show link URLs in the status bar


  • Slow mouse scrolling
  • Font settings for article
  • Panels on wrong screen
  • Text view issues (undo, pasting)
  • Window resizing

The updated, coming in at 3.3mb, can be installed via launching the app and going through the in-app update screens or by downloading the beta from here.