A Visual History Of Apple Design

A Visual History Of Apple Design

The good folks over at Transparent House have used their awesome skills to create a beautiful video illustration showcasing how Apple’s products have evolved throughout the company’s history. The movie is absolutely beautiful – watch it now!

The production focuses mainly on the iPad, and the products that the creators felt inspired its introduction to market. The clip (and all of its amazing models) was created entirely using #DS Max and V-Ray, and it took about 10 days to complete. The video is, without a doubt, a very professional end result, and this type of visualization is always a fantastic way to illustrate a concept or idea.

The animation was done solely for artistic reasons, and the creators hope that it will be used as an education tool for the 3D design industry. But enough of me typing away endlessly about the video – you need to watch it! See the whole thing embedded below.


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