Adium 1.42 Released

Adium 1.42 Released

The best instant messenger on OS X has updated itself to version 1.4.2. When you launch Adium you will be prompted to install the update. If the update manager doesn’t run, go to Adium > Check For Updates. Alternatively, you can download Adium 1.4.2 from their site.

For the most part this update is a series of bug fixes with no new major features added. The 1.4.2 updated addresses the following issues:

  • a frequent MSN crash
  • an MSN issue adding contacts
  • an MSN connection problem involving the error “Signed in from another location”
  • ICQ losing connection without showing
  • Hang when opening a chat window to a contact with a malformed log

It was intended that the 1.4.2 release would support the new Facebook message service but that has been pushed back to 1.4.3 due to a delay in implementing the feature.