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Apple Explains Why Apple Products Are Ideal For Students

Apple Explains Why Apple Products Are Ideal For Students

Today Apple posted three new pages to its sight that cover why Macs and iOS devices are the best choices for college students. As usual, the strongest claims here come in regards to iOS devices, particularly the iPad.

There’s one page dedicated to the Mac, one for the iPad, and one for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Each page lists specific apps that can assist the education process, talk up the benefits of iTunes U, and bill features such as FaceTime as essential for keeping in touch.

From Apple’s new sites:

Why Mac for College

Built on the world’s most advanced operating system, the Mac is as easy to use as it is powerful. Here’s why it’s the best computer you can get for school.

Why iPad for College

With loads of great features, like the large, beautiful Multi-Touch display, the ability to carry an entire library with you, and access to thousands of educational apps, an iPad is the perfect choice for school.

Why iPod touch and iPhone for College

iPod touch and iPhone put thousands of apps — and countless possibilities — in your pocket. That’s just part of why they’re ideal for college students on the go.

These three pages are actually quite insightful – if you’re a student, prospective student, or parent of a student, it’s definitely worth having a look a what Apple has to say. Apple also offers price breaks for students through their Apple Store for Education website. They’ll also give you a free $100 iTunes gift card that you can use to buy apps and other iTunes or Mac App Store items.

Having been a student myself, I can attest that the combination of a Mac and an iPhone made things easier in so many ways, particularly in my ability to have constant access to information, as well as helping to stay organized. I definitely encourage you to visit the new sites. They can be found here: Mac, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch.