Awesome Wallpaper: OS X Lion, Meet Star Wars

Awesome Wallpaper: OS X Lion, Meet Star Wars

I dunno about you, but when I saw the below wallpaper, I got seriously excited. Maybe it’s the sci-fi nerd in me fighting to get out, or maybe I’m pathetic, but I prefer to think that it was impossible NOT to get excited about Star Wars and OS X Lion colliding on my screen.

A CultofMac reader provided the above incredible awesome new wallpaper, which blends the default background for the latest OS X Lion Developer Preview with the famous opening shot of Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer in hot pursuit of Princess Leia.

This wallpaper is fascinating enough that it’s more than simply cool or interesting: It’s inspired. Want to download the high-resolution version for your own Mac? Cult of Mac was kind enough to provide one – download it here.

  1. Mghart says:

    I’d rather have the Enterprise. Any version.

    1. Enterprise all the way!

  2. Juzbalis says:

    But the moon and Imperial Starship are lit from two different directions

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